Leading Female Restoration Expert Responds to Consumer Reports’ Dust Danger Exposé

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Danielle Mortimer

Folsom PA 7/13/24 – In response to the recent Consumer Reports article…

“The Danger in Your Dust,” Danielle Mortimer, owner of Restore More Renovation, a premier water, mold, fire, and biohazard restoration company, offers expert insights on the hidden health risks lurking in household dust and how to combat them effectively.

As one of the few female owners in the restoration industry, Danielle Mortimer brings a unique perspective to this critical issue.

“The Consumer Reports article sheds light on a problem many homeowners overlook,” says Danielle Mortimer. “With our extensive experience in fire safety, water restoration, and mold remediation, we’ve seen firsthand how seemingly harmless household dust can significantly impact health and well-being.”

Key points from Danielle Mortimer’s expert analysis include:

The Invisible Threat: Consumer Reports’ investigation reveals that household dust contains potentially harmful substances, including chemicals from everyday products, outdoor pollutants, and particles from building materials.

Health Implications: Long-term exposure to these dust-borne contaminants has been linked to serious health issues, including respiratory problems, allergies, and even certain types of cancer.

Professional Solutions: Restore More Restoration’s team of certified experts, boasting 37 certifications and awards in fire, water, and mold restoration, offers specialized services to address these hidden dangers effectively.

Preventive Measures: Danielle Mortimer emphasizes the importance of regular, thorough cleaning, proper ventilation, and professional inspections, especially in homes undergoing renovations or with potential water damage.

“As the conversation about indoor air quality and home health grows, informed, expert voices must lead the discussion,” Danielle Mortimer states. “Our goal is not just to restore homes after disasters, but to educate homeowners on maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy living environment.”

Restore More Restoration offers free consultations to homeowners concerned about the quality of their indoor air and the potential dangers lurking in their household dust.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Danielle Mortimer, please contact: Daniele Mortimer (484) 699-8725 https://restoremore365.com/

About Restore More Restoration: Restore More Restoration is a leading water, mold, fire, and biohazard restoration company known for its expertise, cutting-edge techniques, and commitment to creating healthier home environments. Led by Danielle Mortimer, one of the few female owners in the industry, the company has earned 37 certifications and awards for its outstanding fire, water, and mold restoration service.

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