Can I clean up water damage myself?

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This depends on the extent and severity of the water damage

This includes the type of water, risk of mold, and structural damage. Details below...

In some cases, minor water damage, such as a small leak or spill, may be cleaned up by the homeowner without professional help. However, more extensive water damage, such as flooding or significant leaks, may require professional help to properly and safely clean up the damage.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to handle water damage cleanup on your own or to hire a professional:

  • The extent of the damage

    If the water damage is limited to a small area and has not spread to other parts of the building, you may be able to clean up the damage on your own. However, if the damage is extensive or has affected multiple rooms, it is usually best to seek professional help.

  • Planning and design

    : If the water is clean, such as from a broken pipe, it may be safe to clean up on your own. However, suppose the water is contaminated, such as from a sewage backup. In that case, it is best to hire a professional who has the proper equipment and training to handle the hazardous material safely.

  • Risk of mold

    Water damage can lead to mold growth if not properly and thoroughly cleaned up. A professional restoration company can properly dry out and sanitize the affected area to prevent mold growth.

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Structural damage: If the water damage has caused structural damage to the building, it is important to hire a professional who can assess the damage and make any necessary repairs to ensure the safety and stability of the building.

In general, it is best to err on the side of caution and hire a professional water damage restoration company to ensure the damage is properly and thoroughly cleaned up. They have the proper training, equipment, and experience to handle all types and sizes of water damage.

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